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Put market downturns in perspective, set client expectations, and illustrate the principles of investing.

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Risk and return

Equities have vastly outperformed other asset classes, but at commensurately high risk. When stocks have fallen, a balanced portfolio has always fallen less.

Staying invested

Over the past 84 years, an investment in Canadian stocks has grown 1,597-fold despite 13 recessions, double-digit interest rates, and several world crises.

Downturns and recoveries

Stocks have fallen by over 20 percent on ten occasions since 1935. Following each downturn, they have recovered and gone on to reach new highs.


Growth versus peace of mind: How various investment strategies have stacked up over time.

Historical context

Investment performance is linked to broader trends, including recessions, political events, interest rates, and housing, gold, and oil.

Inflation: A constant risk

One dollar today is worth only one-seventeenth what it was in 1935. Domestic equities have outgrown inflation by a factor of 94.

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    • Hypothetical portfolios: Growth, Balanced, and Income
    • Inflation


The Big Picture handout is an ideal take-home piece for your clients.

On reverse: the popular Time and Risk sub‑chart shows that the longer the investment holding period, the lower the historical likelihood of loss.