The Big Picture chart illustrates the returns of major asset classes from 1926 onward.

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Big Picture animated chart

Specially designed for websites, the electronic version of our Big Picture chart is a first-of-its kind animated experience. See how it can help your site attract and retain visitors.


In addition to our predesigned charts, we offer custom graphic design services. Our in-house designers and finance professionals can modify our existing charts to accommodate your firm's data and design needs, or generate entirely new images according to your specifications.

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The perfect conversation starter

Use the Big Picture chart to spark conversations about investing and help set client expectations.

Key topics include:

  • The importance of staying invested
  • The power of compounding
  • Risk vs. return
  • 85 years of historical perspective
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Have you heard of the Big Picture™ chart from Investments Illustrated?

This richly-detailed chart illustrates the returns of major asset classes from 1926 onward, highlighting the historical relationship between market performance and key economic and political events. I think it would make a great tool for my discussions with clients.

The chart is available in co-brandable poster and handout formats. Please consider adding these materials to your marketing collateral.

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